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Boys on Edge, is for sale. 

The website works well. About 20k pageviews each month, the site has only been open since early April so around three months as of now. Bounce rate is around 47%. Have a decent amount of current active subscribers and members that purchase the 30 day trial. 

A webmaster and a producer is all that is needed to run this site. The current producer is available if you wanted to continue using him. He does all of the pre-production, production, and post-production work with his crew. Four videos and four photosets go up each month. Have complex yet organized google docs to track EVERYTHING that works very well. 

46 Exclusive, original videos are shot and edited, I think about 30 or so are already live. We have a similar number of photosets.

Business is setup as an LLC in Florida, USA with a registered agent (so you can keep your own address private). Can simply change ownership with an amendment to the LLC files and provide all paperwork required for the sale using a business transaction lawyer.

Site has done nothing but grown since we opened. I've recently started another passion project that is taking up much more of my time than I expected so it's difficult for me to do both at once and focus.

Not looking to make a profit or even break-even, I would like to sell sooner so I can put this money into my other project. There is about 60-65k invested in this project, with about 40k of that tied to the content. 

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