Escort webites for sale (2) 150 k++ visitors a month

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Listing Expires : 12th January 2018


Great sale of adult websites (Slovakia country)
I am quitting adult industry as I have many other projects.
But I would like to sell 2 webistes (altogether) for escorts in slovakia.

100+k visitors per month and 30+k visitors on another one
Revenue more than 22 k eur a year (costs 6400 eur a year)

Revenue Details

Yearly revenue from portals for period of last 12 months is at the level of 22 489 eur

Traffic Details

Average visits per month for last 3 months are at the level of 77 000 visits a month.
(Summer months are the lowest months on traffic)
The best winter months are on the level of 100 - 140k+ per month


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