Once an auction's end time has passed, the auction becomes an Ended Auction, and no further bids may be placed.

In this phase, the seller may still need to accept or reject bids, and the winner of the auction hasn't been decided.

All pending bids must be accepted or rejected by the seller. If the seller doesn't assess the bids within 72 hours, Adult Flipp will assess them automatically.

If none of the accepted bids meet the auction's reserve price, no winner is declared and the auction is marked as Closed.

If bids have been accepted that are equal to or more than the reserve price, the highest of these is declared the winning bid, and the auction's marked as Won.

The seller will see a note on the auction listing that invites them to complete the sale through Adult Flipp's Sale Completion Area

The winning buyer is legally bound to purchase the item at the price indicated by the bid made; likewise, the seller's legally bound to sell the item to the auction winner at that price.

To help complete the transaction, Adult Flipp will automatically email the contact details of the winning buyer to the seller, and those of the seller to the winning buyer.