Adult Flipp's involvement after the completion of an auction or sale is limited.

However, if you have a dispute with a buyer or seller, you can lodge a dispute with Adult Flipp.

In the Sale Completion Area, select the Dispute Sale link, which will be available 72 hours after the listing has closed.

Fill in the details of your dispute and submit the form. Adult Flipp will contact you to obtain more information, or let you know how the dispute has been resolved.

Adult Flipp may relist a property free of charge, where the dispute is resolved in the seller's favor, and waive the success fee on the auction or sale.

If you receive an email notification from Adult Flipp indicating that a Dispute has been opened for a recent transaction you were involved with, you must respond to the Dispute within 72 hours of receiving the notification, otherwise you risk having your Adult Flipp account suspended.