What Kinds of Comments are Inappropriate?

The comments area allows Adult Flipp users to communicate publicly on a listing. Comments go directly to the seller and to bidders, and are visible to all future viewers of the listing.

This space gives buyers the opportunity to ask questions about the website for sale, though generally that's it’s better to use private auction messages. It gives sellers the opportunity to add extra information to their listing. Importantly, it also allows buyers to point out details about the website that others may have missed. This may include opportunities that the seller hasn't realized or caveats that the seller hasn't disclosed, for instance.

Comments should be helpful, factual and use neutral language. Moderators may permanently remove comments if they don't adhere to this. Specifically, moderators might remove:

If you post these kinds of comments to a listing, you'll get a warning. If you do it again, you risk losing your Adult Flipp membership. If you have a dispute with a seller, you should follow Adult Flipp's dispute process, but you should not attempt to further this dispute in public.

Comments may be deleted by the seller, but only if they violate these guidelines. The seller is not permitted to delete reasonable comments, and if this deletion is brought to the attention of Adult Flipp then we'll restore the comment and sanction the seller.